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Working with JSGCE

A deadline of 6 months was set were we would meet every couple of weeks to a month to discuss progress and tweak any designs as the website was being made whilst we was creating the website we offered our videography and photography services so they could uplift the quality of content on the new site and continue with that professional look and feel

Their response emphasised a desire for a modern and user-friendly design, catering to the needs of their older members who may not be proficient in computer use.

We recommended constructing the website from the ground up, starting with a clean slate to work with.

When JSGCE reached out to Image Forge Media, they sought a comprehensive overhaul of their website, which was at the time showing signs of wear and an outdated design. 

To optimise the value we could provide, we engaged in discussions with the club to understand their goals for the new website.


The completed website boasts a simple yet highly effective design, offering a user-friendly and engaging experience. Feel free to explore the site yourself by visiting them at: 


While undertaking the photography for JSGCE, we were tasked with capturing the scenic course to showcase the beautiful surroundings that players get to experience.

Golf tournament

While photographing the golf tournament for which we were invited back, one of the specific requests was to capture dynamic shots of the players in action, we were also asked to take a collective shot featuring all the participating players in the tournament.

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